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Mike Scott, Mr

EdD researcher at Bournemouth University

Mike Scott is an EdD researcher at Bournemouth University, specialising in the intersection of neurodivergence and higher education. Drawing from his background as a study skills specialist and mentor for neurodivergent students at Clear-links, he navigates the complexities of higher education, aiding students in overcoming challenges. His goal is to illuminate the nuanced experiences of neurodivergent educators in higher education institutions, specifically examining their use of Twitter for professional practice. Diagnosed with autism, ADHD and dyslexia, Mike’s personal journey shapes this exploration into Twitter's impact on the neurodivergent educator community. Currently, he is actively working towards obtaining ethics approval for the primary study. For more insights into his research journey and engaging discussions on neurodivergence, you can follow him on Twitter and connect via LinkedIn.

Mike Scott's contributions