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Mehmet Pinar, Professor

Edge Hill University

Mehmet Pinar is a professor of economics at Edge Hill University. His research and publications focus on analyses of the effect of policymakers’ normative decisions on the measurement of sustainability, multidimensional well-being and poverty, and research assessment exercises. His research has been published in journals such as the Economics Letters, Journal of Economic Growth, Journal of Empirical Finance, Environmental and Resource Economics, Education Economics, and British Educational Research Journal. He has delivered various invited talks, attended and presented at international conferences, held prestigious international funding such as the British Academy’s Advanced Newton Fellowship and Research England’s Global Challenges Research Fund. He acts as a referee in various journals and funding bodies, and is currently a member of the European Economic Association, Econometrics Society, a senior fellow of the Rimini Centre for Economics Analysis, and a senior fellow of the Higher Education Association.

Mehmet Pinar's contributions