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Joanna McIntyre, Professor

Professor in Education at University of Nottingham

Jo is particularly interested in how, through the field of education, we can understand and improve the lives of those who are marginalised or disadvantaged by society. Jo has worked on a range of funded research projects and her current work is located in the fields of teacher education and refugee education. Jo's work in the field of refugee education includes a sustained collaboration with Lund University. She works on research projects which look at the barriers and opportunities schools face when working to support refugee children. This has included work with teacher educators in different international contexts to consider issues of global migration and initial teacher education. Jo’s recent research focuses on the role of arts in fostering a sense of belonging for new arrivals in Europe, a project with Swedish educators looking at implementation of an inclusive model of education for refugee pupils, and she leads on the Hub for European Refugee Education

Joanna McIntyre's contributions