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Jo Harris, Professor

Professor at Loughborough University

Jo Harris is a professor of physical education and sport pedagogy and director of teacher education at Loughborough University. Jo taught in secondary schools for 12 years and has been a teacher educator for 32 years. During her time as director of teacher education, Jo has led consecutive Ofsted inspections in which teacher education has been judged ‘outstanding’. Jo has held prominent roles within, and been the recipient of a number of awards from, national physical education subject associations for her significant and sustained contribution to the profession. Jo’s research focusses on health-related learning in physical education and the promotion of active lifestyles, and she regularly publishes in professional and academic journals and presents at national and international conferences. Jo has attained the status of principal fellow of the Higher Education Academy, received awards for research-informed teaching, and co-published a book with Human Kinetics on ‘promoting active lifestyles in schools’.

Jo Harris's contributions