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Jennifer Rowsell, Dr

Professor of Literacies and Social Innovation at University of Bristol

Jennifer Rowsell is professor of literacies and social innovation at the University of Bristol’s School of Education. Her research interests include multimodal, makerspace and arts-based research with young people; digital literacies research; digital divide work; and applying posthumanist and affect approaches to literacy research. She has written, co-written and co-edited 25 books on a range of topics from handbooks on literacy studies to multimodality to Bourdieusian approaches to ethnographic fieldwork. Her most recent co-authored book with Dr Kate Pahl (Manchester Metropolitan University) with Diane Collier, Steve Pool, Zanib Rasool and Terry Trzecak is entitled, Living Literacies: Rethinking Literacy Research and Practice through the Everyday (MIT Press). She is a co-editor of the Routledge Expanding Literacies in Education book series with Cynthia Lewis (University of California – Santa Cruz). She is co-editor of Digital Culture and Education and the department editor of digital literacies for The Reading Teacher.

Jennifer Rowsell's contributions