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Jennifer Rowsell

Jennifer Rowsell is professor of literacies and social innovation at the University of Bristol’s School of Education. Her research interests include multimodal, makerspace and arts-based research with young people; digital literacies research; digital divide work; and applying posthumanist and affect approaches to literacy research. She has written, co-written and co-edited 25 books on a range of topics from handbooks on literacy studies to multimodality to Bourdieusian approaches to ethnographic fieldwork. Her most recent co-authored book with Dr Kate Pahl (Manchester Metropolitan University) with Diane Collier, Steve Pool, Zanib Rasool and Terry Trzecak is entitled, Living Literacies: Rethinking Literacy Research and Practice through the Everyday (MIT Press). She is a co-editor of the Routledge Expanding Literacies in Education book series with Cynthia Lewis (University of California – Santa Cruz). She is co-editor of Digital Culture and Education and the department editor of digital literacies for The Reading Teacher.

Jennifer Rowsell's contributions