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Isobel Talks

DPhil Student at University of Oxford

Isobel Talks is a DPhil student in the Learning and New Technologies group at the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. Her thesis critically explores the ‘gender data revolution’ in international development through an in-depth case study of a smartphone-based data collection project working with young women in Bangladesh. During her time in Bangladesh, Isobel contributed to teaching and research activities at the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Liberal Arts (ULAB) in Dhaka as a visiting researcher. These experiences in Bangladesh motivated Isobel to seek out further opportunities to utilise her skills and experience to help fight the climate crisis and support the movement for climate and environmental justice. This led to her working as the research assistant for the Nuffield-funded project, ‘Trust and Climate Change: Information for Teaching in a Digital Age’, and now the GCRF-funded project, ‘Climate Change Education Futures in India’. Alongside her academic work, Isobel is also an independent consultant and researcher for organisations including Plan International, the UK Department for International Development and Save the Children.

Isobel Talks's contributions