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Gosia Kwiatkowska, Ms

Senior Lecturer at University of East London

Gosia Kwiatkowska is a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of East London and the co-director of RIX Research and Media Centre. Gosia has been working since 2002 with education, social and health care professionals, and the learning disability community. She lectures in social work, special educational needs education, psychology and media degrees. Her educational background – in information technology, psychology and media production – has given her a broad understanding of design and adoption of technical systems from user-centred perspectives. Gosia leads on many national and international research projects; her major research interests focus on the use of technology in education, health and social care to promote inclusion, participation, equal opportunities and human rights for disadvantaged groups, primarily those with intellectual disabilities. Through research, training development and teaching, Gosia is dedicated to improving the lives of people of various abilities and helping those who work with those groups to personalise their services to meet the needs of their clients. Gosia is currently doing her professional doctorate in social work researching barriers to adoption of person-centred practice within residential settings.

Gosia Kwiatkowska's contributions