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Emma Simpson, Dr

Senior research fellow at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Dr Emma Simpson is an honorary senior research fellow at the Institute of Education, UCL and a senior research manager at The Difference (an educational charity specialising in school inclusion). She has worked in the English education system for 26 years: for 12 years as a teacher and leader in inner London schools, for 14 years as an educational consultant, and (concurrently) for five years as a researcher. She has particular interest in social justice, white working-class engagement and achievement, inclusion, equality, classism, racism, and the potential of more progressive forms of education than currently prevail in England.

Emma Simpson's contributions

The ECR Journey: From inspiration to impact

This ECR Conference celebrated the journey of “becoming” an educational researcher. It was an opportunity to celebrate and disseminate small and big successes in ECRs’ journey from research...

The ECR Journey: From inspiration to impact

Past event24 May 2023