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Colin Millar MBE

Former Principal of Killard House Special School at Killard House Special School

Colin Millar MBE MEd BSc(Hons) PGCE PQH(NI).

32 years in Education, Mainstream Primary, Special Units. Special School teaching experience. Taught children aged 4-18 across educational spectrum.

Posts held:
– Class teacher
– Co-ordinator
– Vice Principal
– Principal
– Associate Assessor with Education Training Inspectorate
– SEN Adviser (SEELB)
– Member of Special School Principals Strategic Group
– Boys Brigade U.K. Disability Consultant
– Duke of Edinburgh Additional Needs Advise (NI)

Published Author – AM Publishing House:
– Leprechaun-published
– Clever Little Duckling (going through Process)
– Practice makes Improvement- Effective Classroom Practice (going through process)
– Apple Cores and Mandarins – self story of dealing with grief and mental health issues

Widower, 2 sons Conor and Ryan
Interests: Travel, Amateur Dramatics, History

Colin Millar MBE's contributions

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