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Carolyn M. Shields, Dr

Professor at Wayne State University

Dr. Carolyn M. Shields, president of CCEAM, is currently a professor of educational leadership at Wayne State University, Detroit. Dr. Shields taught high school for 19 years before completing her doctorate at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, then spending the next 30+ years in Higher Education. At four different universities, she has taught classes and conducted research focused on the creation of inclusive, equitable, excellent, and socially-just learning environments and societies. For this work, which includes the operationalization of transformative leadership theory, as well as 14 books, over 100 articles and chapters, and numerous international keynote addresses in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North America, she has received many honors and international recognition, including lifetime achievement awards from UCEA and CASEA and an honorary doctorate from the Laval University, Quebec, in July 2017. Her most recent books are: Transformative Leadership in Education and Becoming a Transformative Leader, both published by Routledge.

Carolyn M. Shields's contributions