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Bettina Teegen, Ms

Ph.D. researcher at University of Surrey

Bettina Chioma Teegen is a PhD researcher in the department of Sociology at the University of Surrey. She has a Bachelor in Criminology, an MSc in Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health, a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages and a TESOL Certificate. Following her career as a German and Spanish teacher in secondary schools in London and teaching English to Chinese, European and Latin American students online, she commenced a PhD in 2021. Each summer she works as an associate lecturer for English for Academic Purposes within pre-sessional programmes at various universities across England. She is also serving on the review board for the Journal of International Students as well as the Journal of Underrepresented & Minority Progress (JUMP). Her research interests include: international students and educational inequalities in higher education, internationalisation of higher education, culturally competent teaching approaches, acculturation, mental health (in academia), intersectionality, social injustice and Black feminism.

Bettina Teegen's contributions