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Beng Huat See, Dr

Durham Evidence Centre for Education, Durham University

Dr Beng Huat See is an associate professor at Durham University and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, the Higher Education Academy and the Wolfson Research Institute at Durham University. She is a member of the ESRC grant assessment panel, and grant reviewer for the National Centre for Science and Technology Evaluation of Kazakhstan and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Her work largely involves reviews and synthesis of evidence in education, evaluation of large-scale randomised controlled trials and re-analysis of secondary data. Her research interests are understanding the determinants of teacher demand and supply, enhancing critical thinking in young people, parental involvement, teacher development and teacher effectiveness, and improving the learning and wider outcomes of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

For more about the Durham Evidence Centre for Education at Durham University click here, or see @DECE_DU.

Beng Huat See's contributions