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Alex Baratta, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester

Alex Baratta researches language and identity in educational contexts, to include linguistic prejudice and linguistic rights. He has published on British teachers’ accents and the role they play in constructing a professional identity, against the reality of accent-based preference in teacher training (Accent and teacher identity in Britain, 2018) and has also published books on World Englishes (World Englishes in English language teaching, 2019) and Korean English (The societal codification of Korean English, 2021). In 2024, his book on China English (Routledge) will be released. Alex has also presented his research at major international conferences, received media attention in over a dozen countries, done consultancy work on language, had his work used for school tests in the UK and Australia, and is in demand as a speaker on language related topics, including a talk given to the UK government.

Alex Baratta's contributions