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Curriculum Journal announces Editors’ Choice Award for 2021

The annual Curriculum Journal Editors’ Choice Award, which recognises the best paper published in the journal in 2021, has been awarded to:

The editors said, ‘We selected the Hordern article as our Editors’ Choice paper for 2021 because of its rigour and originality. The paper transcends existing debates in curriculum studies relating to knowledge (e.g., the debate between social realism and pragmatism). It explores recontextualisation in depth, drawing on Bernstein but also discussing how the concept has been used by historians of scientific thought and practical knowledge. It does so to acknowledge the complex role of teachers in recontextualisation, while meaningfully bringing together literatures and traditions (European Bildung, UK and USA tradition) which are quite complex separately. In doing so, the paper offers a significant original contribution to the field.’

Three further papers were commended: