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The Creativities in Education SIG was formed in 2001 by Bob Jeffrey and Anna Craft. We offer a loose umbrella for researchers, policy makers and practitioners in a wide variety of settings, to work together and exchange perspectives on a variety of themes pertinent to creativity in education. The SIG has organised a number of seminars and symposia both at BERA and in a variety of university sites since its inception. These include an ESRC-funded series of six seminars. Themes which have been of particular interest to members in recent years have included a concern to better understand core terms such as creative teaching, teaching for creativity and creative learning creativity. The SIG welcomes colleagues undertaking both conceptual and empirical exploration of a wide range of topics. Research interests within the SIG are reflected in past symposia and seminars and future plans for further events, as well as individual participants’ publications. They include:

  • Creativity and the curriculum
  • Creativity and pedagogy
  • Creativity and policy
  • Creativity and partnership
  • Creativity and professional development
  • Creativity and methodological issues
  • Creativity and cross-disciplinary dialogues
  • Conceptualising creativity
  • Creativity and new technologies
  • Creativity and teacher training
  • Creativity and environments
  • Creativity and assessment



We welcome colleagues from any disciplinary area, working in any phase of education and we are particularly keen to forge strong and catalytic relationships between research, policy and practice through our events.

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