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Sensory Histories and Sensory Pedagogies

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This webinar will bring together historians of education working with sensory history approaches and history educators who employ sensory pedagogies in their teaching practice. It will explore the possibilities which a focus on sensory experiences provides for accessing the lived experience of education on the part of students, parents, teachers and wider communities. Speakers will address the complex and overlapping ways in which perceptions of sight, sound, smell and taste shape educational experiences both today and in the past. We will also consider the role of objects, materiality and the sense of touch, more broadly, in structuring learning experiences at different levels of education, both within the classroom space and beyond.

We will also examine the importance of sensory experiences in the collection of historical data, particularly in the context of oral histories. Speakers will be asked to reflect on the role of the senses in the construction of memory, both individual and collective, and the particular challenges which sensory histories and pedagogies pose for the researcher and teacher. Speakers’ presentations will be short (10 mins in length) and focused on a particular case study, either of a research project involving sensory history techniques or a pedagogical practice drawing on sensory experiences. It is hoped that these short presentations will provide a platform for a successful plenary discussion which will draw together strands which unite both historians and history educators.

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Profile picture of Heather Ellis
Heather Ellis, Dr

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow at University of Sheffield

Heather gained her PGCert in Academic Practice from Liverpool Hope University in 2013 and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has taught a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in British and European History and History...

Profile picture of Deborah Sabric
Deborah Sabric, Dr

Associate Professor/Deputy Dean at University of Roehampton

Deborah Sabric is a Principal Lecturer and the Head of Postgraduate Learning in the School of Education. A history teacher by training, she has expertise in history teaching, initial teacher training and pedagogy. Her primary research interests...


Profile picture of Geert Thyssen
Geert Thyssen

Associate Professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Geert Thyssen is Associate Professor in Educational Sciences at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway. His research so far has ventured mainly into the new social and cultural history of education but frequently...

Profile picture of Karin Doull
Karin Doull, Mrs

Principal Lecturer at University of Roehampton

Karin Doull is a principal lecturer at the University of Roehampton specialising primary history. She is a fellow of the Historical Association. She is a Chartered Teacher of History (CT Hist) and writes extensively for the Primary History...

Profile picture of Yinka Olusoga
Yinka Olusoga, Dr

Lecturer at University of Sheffield

Dr Yinka Olusoga is a lecturer in education and Course Director of the BA in Education, Culture and Childhood at the University of Sheffield. Her research and teaching focus on discourses and histories of childhood, play and education. She...

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Sensory Histories and Sensory Pedagogies

This webinar will bring together historians of education working with sensory history approaches and history educators who employ sensory pedagogies in their teaching practice. It will explore the...

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