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Geert Thyssen

Associate Professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Geert Thyssen is Associate Professor in Educational Sciences at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway. His research so far has ventured mainly into the new social and cultural history of education but frequently crossed disciplinary boundaries. His work has thus focused on initiatives of educational reform particularly concerning children’s health; body-sensory education; and sense making in education. He is convenor of Network 17 (Histories of Education) of the European Educational Research Association (EERA), member of the Executive Committee of the History of Education Society UK (HES), as well as scientific board member for a number of history of education and education journals. His most recent work centres on “timespacematters” of education; education and “senses of belonging” relating to food and street music, and – in line with previous research on school “dropout” – on issues concerning Ph.D. completion. Among his recent (co-)publications is a special issue of The Senses and Society: “Learning to Make Sense – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sensory Education and Embodied Enculturation” (with Professor Ian Grosvenor).

Geert Thyssen's contributions

Sensory Histories and Sensory Pedagogies

Online registration for this event has now closed, to register please email Link to event recording #BERA_History @BERANews This webinar will bring together historians of...

Past event16 Jul 2021

Sensory Histories and Sensory Pedagogies

This webinar will bring together historians of education working with sensory history approaches and history educators who employ sensory pedagogies in their teaching practice. It will explore the...

Video16 Jul 2021