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Past event

Learning about Race Equality from Norway



This event will have a clear international and anti-racist perspective.  The speaker is Kristin Gregers Erikson, an Associate Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway.   Her experience and research interests include anti-racist and citizenship education, indigenous and Sámi perspectives in education, decolonial theory, education for sustainable development in school. She works extensively as an academic researcher and activist to promote the rights and citizenship of the Sámi people in Norway and the education of and equalities for Sámi children. Kristin has published several research papers and is the author of several textbooks and learning materials for both primary schools and teacher education.  

In 2022 Kristin collaborated with the BERA President Elect, Marlon Moncrieffe in the book, ‘Coloniality and National Exceptionalism in Norwegian Citizenship Education: Engaging the Ontological Baseline’. In ‘Decolonising Curriculum Knowledge International Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Approaches’ (2022) she outlines her research on coloniality in Norwegian classrooms.  It shows how coloniality was empirically detected in the Norwegian classrooms through the reproduction of a dominant national self-image embedded in structures of National exceptionalism. National exceptionalism works to obstruct critical conversations about processes that systematically reproduce violence and injustice. She argues that in order to unsettle the coloniality of citizenship education, we will need to go beyond addressing how colonial patterns are kept in place at the level of knowing, and engaging with the level of being.  

Draft Programme:

16:00 Welcome and Introduction
Diane Warner, Manchester Metropolitan Unviversity
16:05 The invisible in plain sight – Understanding and interrupting race and coloniality in the Norwegian context
Kristin Gregers Eriksen, University of South-Eastern Norway
16:50 Respondent 
17:00 Discussion Groups
17:30 Open Discussion
18:00 Event Close

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Chair, Speakers & Respondents

Profile picture of Kristin Gregers Eriksen
Kristin Gregers Eriksen, Dr

Associate Professor at University of South-Eastern Norway

Kristin Gregers Eriksen, Associate Professor, University of South-Eastern Norway Bio: Kristin Gregers Eriksen is an Associate Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway. She is head of the research group in Social Studies Education, and...

Profile picture of Diane Warner
Diane Warner, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Diane Warner is a senior lecturer in teacher education at Manchester Metropolitan University. She started in education as a primary school teacher and moved into initial teacher education in 2004 working on campuses in the North and South of...

Profile picture of Christine Callender
Christine Callender, Dr

Associate Professor in Education at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Christine is an academic, lecturer and researcher of race in teacher education. She has been an educator for over twenty years, initially working in schools before moving to Higher Education. She was also a Regional Director for the National...

Profile picture of Saima Salehjee
Saima Salehjee, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Education with STEM specialism at University of Glasgow

Dr Saima Salehjee is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Glasgow. She is responsible for teaching and research work, particularly on Science Education. Saima has received grants to continue her research with underprivileged...