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Book seminar – Exploring Teacher Recruitment and Retention: contextual challenges from international perspectives

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Exploring Teacher Recruitment and Retention: contextual challenges from international perspectives
, edited by SIG convenors Ovenden-Hope and Passy, has been well received and is recommended reading for FED (Foundation for Education Development) and the All Party Parliament Group on the Teaching Profession. However, as ITT applications increase in England as a response to the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, the issue of teacher recruitment and retention is seen to be less urgent. However, evidence from previous recessions where increases in public sector roles, including teaching, were identified; there has was an increase in teacher attrition when the economy recovered (Hutchings, 2010). It is likely that as graduate jobs in the private sector become more available, we will once again be challenged by teacher supply. We therefore believe that the book is relevant and has a place for situating policy maker consciousness about how a sustained and high quality supply of teachers can be achieved. Please join this seminar to hear from and pose questions to the authors.

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Profile picture of Tanya Ovenden-Hope
Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Professor

Professor of Education & Dean at Plymouth Marjon University

Professor Tanya Ovenden-Hope is Provost and Professor of Education at Plymouth Marjon University. In 2018 she developed and opened Marjon University Cornwall based in Truro, which she leads. Tanya is a committed and enthusiastic educationalist...


Profile picture of John Howson
John Howson, Professor

Director & Councillor at TeachVac

Chair of TeachVac and previously a teacher, teacher trainer, civil servant, business owner and columnist, John has been researching aspects of the labour market for teachers for 40 years and publishes a regular blog at...

Profile picture of Georgina Newton
Georgina Newton, Associate Professor

Associate Professor at University of Warwick

Following a long career in classroom teaching, Georgina now works in ITT as Associate Professor at the University of Warwick. She conducted practitioner research into why teachers leave the profession and what can be done to keep them and this...

Profile picture of Sarah Younie
Sarah Younie, Professor

Professor in Education Innovation at De Montfort University

Sarah Younie is a principal lecturer in Education at De Montfort University and a visiting Senior Research Fellow at University of Bedfordshire. She has been involved in international research on educational technologies and teaching for twenty...

Profile picture of Lucy Stokes
Lucy Stokes, Ms

Research Fellow at National Institute of Economic & Social Research

Lucy’s research interests focus primarily on issues relating to education and employment. Research on education includes consideration of school performance and effectiveness, as well as evaluation of educational interventions. She also...

Profile picture of Bart Crisp
Bart Crisp, Mr

Professional Learning consultant & Associate Director at Centre For The Use Of Research & Evidence In Education

Bart Crisp is CUREE’s Senior Research Manager and leads on translating research findings in manageable classroom tools and resources. Since joining CUREE in 2013, Bart has also managed a number of research and evaluation projects, including the...

Profile picture of Smadar Donitsa-Schmidt
Smadar Donitsa-Schmidt, Professor

Associate Professor at Kibbutzim College of Education

Smadar Donitsa-Schmidt (PhD.) is Associate professor in the Kibbutzim College of Education in Israel. She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her research interests are teacher education, policy in education...

Profile picture of Honggang Liu
Honggang Liu

Professor of Applied Linguistics at Northeast Normal University

Honggang Liu earned his PhD in sociolinguistics in Peking University, Beijing, China, 2012. He is a full professor of applied linguistics in the Department of English, School of Foreign Languages, Northeast Normal University (NENU), China. He...

Profile picture of Phil Roberts
Phil Roberts, Dr

Associate Professor in Curriculum Inquiry & Rural Education at University of Canberra

Philip is an Associate Professor in Curriculum Inquiry & Rural Education and research leader for the Rural Education and Communities research group. His major ongoing research focuses on the role of knowledge in curriculum, rural knowledges and...

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