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14 September 2015 to 17 September 2015Belfast


Spotlight Session: NZARE

Chair: Mutch, Carol – The University of Auckland

Preparing schools for the unexpected: Lessons from the 2011 New Zealand earthquakes
Miles, Jason – Kaiapoi North School; McDonald, Alexandra – Christchurch New Zealand; Mutch, Carol – The University of Auckland; Tatebe, Jennifer – The University of Auckland


Alternative Education
Session Type: Symposia

0594 – Education – Below the Surface
Lees, Helen – Newman University; Clarke, Matthew – York St John University; Price, Heather – University of East London; Moran, Paul – University of Chester; Atherton, Frances – University of Chester; Moore, Alex – UCL Institute of Education


Comparative and International Education
Session Type: Individual Papers

Parental Involvement in Children’s Education
Chair: Linse, Caroline – Queen’s University Belfast

*0004 – Applied Behaviour Analysis-based Intervention for Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A comparative study of practices between England and China
Liao, Yini – Queen’s University Belfast; Dillenburger, Karola – Queen’s University Belfast

0265 – Building Home-School Relations: An analysis of factors influencing parental involvement among a cohort of parents in a high performing school in Barbados
Marshall, Ian – University of the West Indies; Fongkong-Mungal, Claudette – University of the West Indies; Browne, David – Queen’s College, Barbados

0374 – Invitations: Strategies Used by Schools to Engage Parents
Linse, Caroline – Oscar Bladas Marti Queen’s University


Creativity in Education
Session Type: Individual Papers

Enabling and developing creativity in diverse learning settings
Chair: Irwin, Michael – Massey University

0077 – A playful approach to learning outdoors
Hayes, Tracy Ann – University of Cumbria

0118 – Developing student creativity in a learning environment of wonderment and active engagement
Irwin, Michael – Massey University

0528 – Enacting ‘creativity’ in a performative school context: interim findings from an ethnographic case study
Cottle, Michelle – University of Roehampton


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy
Session Type: Individual Papers

Researching assessment literacy
Chair: Black, Glenda – Nipissing University

0099 – Reading between the lines: exploring the characteristics of feedback that support examiners’ professional knowledge building
Johnson, Martin – Cambridge Assessment/University of Cambridge

0119 – Teacher Candidates’ Assessment Literacy Development
Black, Glenda – Nipissing University

0333 – Enabling Assessment (EA): A new innovative theory of assessment
Singh, Birendra – UCL Institute of Education


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy
Session Type: Innovation Session

0582 – Decoding Curriculum Theory into Effective Classroom Practice: A Case Study of the Northern Ireland Curriculum
Gallagher, Carmel – General Teaching Council Northern Ireland; McGuinness, Carol – Queen’s University, Belfast; McHenry, Mary – St. Louise’s Comprehensive College 

5.06 Early Childhood
Session Type: Individual Papers

Perspectives on learners, learning and identities
Chair: Wood, Elizabeth – University of Sheffield

*0101 – Factors that motivate mothers of children aged 0-3years to attend universal parenting classes
Simmons, Helen – University of Derby

*0139 – Early Years Teacher: a Posthuman identity
Fairchild, Nikki – University of Chichester


Educational Effectiveness and Improvement
Session Type: Symposia

Chair: Wall, Eugene – Mary Immaculate College
Discussant: McCaffrey, Fiona – Middletown Centre for Autism

0150 – Educational Provision for Children with Autism in Irish Primary Schools: A National Evaluation
Ring, Emer – Mary Immaculate College; O’Byrne, Anne – Mary Immaculate College; O’Brien, Trevor – Mary Immaculate College; Ryan, Marie – Mary Immaculate College

0151 – Educational Provision for Children with Autism in Post-Primary Irish Schools: A National Evaluation
Daly, Patricia – Mary Immaculate College; Fitzgerald, Johanna – Mary Immaculate College; O’Sullivan, Siobhan – Mary Immaculate College; Griffin, Claire – Mary Immaculate College

0152 – Educational Provision for Children with Autism in Post-Primary Irish Schools: A National Evaluation
Egan, Margaret – Mary Immaculate College; Long, Stella – Mary Immaculate College; McCarthy, Eucharia – Mary Immaculate College; Moloney, Mary – Mary Immaculate College


Educational Research and Educational Policy-making
Session Type: Individual Papers

National Standards – standardisation and complexity
Chair: Bates, Agnieszka – University of Roehampton

0182 – ‘From Nothingness into Being’ – Teacher education and the art of policy persuasion in Contemporary Europe; reflections from the Ireland context
McMorrough, Anne – University College Dublin; Galvin, Conor – University College Dublin

0224 – Complexity and the myth of control in educational policy-making
Bates, Agnieszka – University of Roehampton

0243 – Are national standards really any better than national testing?
Thrupp, Martin – University of Waikato

0032 – Teacher Standards – what are they good for?
Adoniou, Misty – University of Canberra; Gallagher, Mary – Australian Catholic University


Educational Research and Educational Policy-making
Session Type: Symposia

0506 – Research Evidence, Schools and Teaching
Coldwell, Mike – Sheffield Hallam University; Maxwell, Bronwen – Sheffield Hallam University; Greany, Toby – UCL Institute of Education; Brown, Chris – UCL Institute of Education; Stoll, Louise – UCL Institute of Education; Higgins, Steve – Durham University; Boylan, Mark – Sheffield Hallam University

Educational Technology
Session Type: Individual Papers

Digital Innovations in Education
Chair: Dabrowski, Anna – The University of Melbourne

*0031 – Captioning for Disability and Disadvantage: Using Real-Time Captioning to Support Students with Language and Cognitive Difficulties
Hopkins, Eileen – Ai Media UK; Brcan, Sarah – The University of Melbourne; Clinton, Janet – The University of Melbourne; Dabrowski, Anna – The University of Melbourne

*0112 – WhatsApp: Educational Technology male students’ perceptions in Kuwait of the potential value of using this App in a college setting
Alanezi, Yousif – University of Reading; Goodwyn, Andy – University of Reading; Billingsley, Berry – University of Reading

*0453 – Teacher education through digital space: Enquiring into student’s online participation during a blended teacher training course
Coker, Helen – University of the Highlands and Islands

*0523 – The Integration of 1:1 Technology at Lower Secondary Level: An Irish Case Study
Comiskey, Stephen – Dublin City University; McLoughlin, Eilish – Dublin City University; Finlayson, Odilla – Dublin City University


Higher Education
Session Type: Symposia

0497 – Prospects for equity and differentiation in marketised Higher Education systems
Hughes, Jonathan – Open University; McCaig, Colin – Sheffield Hallam University; Bowl, Marion – University of Birmingham; Bathmaker, Ann-Marie – University of Birmingham


Inclusive Education
Session Type: Individual Papers

Engaging Student Voice for Inclusion
Chair: Hope, Max – University of Hull

0360 – “Teachers” and “schoolwork”: Disaffected boys talk about the problems with school
Graham, Linda – Queensland University of Technology

*0229 – What about me? An exploration of participative tools to engage with students’ views about exclusion and inclusion
Adderley, Rebecca – University of Hull; Shaw, Tricia – University of Hull

0142 – Inclusive practices and students’ voices: the danger of subverting voice initiatives in schools
Hope, Max A – University of Hull; Messiou, Kyriaki – University of Southampton


Inclusive Education
Session Type: Individual Papers

Promoting Effective Provision for Vulnerable Young People
Chair: Jopling, Michael – Northumbria University

0436 – Evaluation of Nurture Groups in Northern Ireland: a school-based, small group intervention for improving pupil social, emotional and behavioural development
Sloan, Seaneen – Queen’s University Belfast; Connolly, Paul – Queen’s University Belfast; Jordan, Julie Ann – Queen’s University Belfast; Gildea, Aideen – Queen’s University Belfast; Winter, Karen – Queen’s University Belfast

0522 – Schools’ involvement in new forms of multi-agency collaboration to support vulnerable children and young people
Jopling, Michael – Northumbria University


Literacy and Language
Session Type: Individual Papers

Learning Languages And Literacies
Chair: Zhang, Haiwei – University Of York

*0186 – English Globalization in China: Performance of Chinese English learners in IELTS
Wang, Jixian – Queen’s University of Belfast

0450 – Learning a Modern Foreign Language: effort, gender and motivation
Georgeson, Jan – Plymouth University; Velle, Linda la – Plymouth University; Blandon, Claudia – Plymouth University

0605 – The influences of first acquired script on the process of hanzi handwriting among English and Arabic speakers
Zhang, Haiwei – University Of York


Literacy and Language
Session Type: Individual Papers

Academic Literacies
Chair: Jawing, Esther – University of Warwick

0358 – A play of conflicting voices: combining creative and academic genres to facilitate critical distance on a first year sociolinguistics course
Mendelowitz, Belinda – University of the Witwatersrand; Dixon, Kerryn – University of the Witwatersrand

0478 – Text complexity and linguistic interdependence in academic reading: A case study of Malaysian undergraduates in a British university
Jawing, Esther – University of Warwick


Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy
Session Type: Individual Papers

Physical Education and the Curriculum
Chair: Brown, Trent – Monash University

0124 – Reconceptualising curriculum, pedagogy and assessment for Senior Secondary Physical Education
Brown, Trent – Monash University; Penney, Dawn – Monash University

*0282 – Physical Literacy: Realigning Physical Education Philosophy with Curriculum Design and Pedagogical Practice
Myers, Elizabeth – Liverpool John Moores University; Whitehead, Margaret – University of Bedfordshire; Goodyear, Victoria A – University of Bedfordshire


Post-Compulsory and Lifelong Learning
Session Type: Individual Papers

Progression of level 3 learners and Maths and English delivery in FE
Chair: Jameson, Jill – University of Greenwich

0440 – A strategic consultation on Mathematics and English in post-16 education and training
Cordingley, Philippa  – CUREE Ltd; Crisp, Paul  – CUREE Ltd; Groll, Anne – CUREE Ltd

0466 – Panel Discussion: Who Provides for Neglected FE/SFC Students within the 99% of Other Learners In England? A BIS-funded HIVE-PED Research Report Panel Discussion on the Progression of all-England FE And 6th Form College Level 3 Learners To Higher Education 2008-12
Jameson, Jill – University of Greenwich; Smith, Sharon – University of Greenwich; Joslin, Hugh – University of Greenwich


Practitioner Research
Session Type: Symposia

0227 – Developing Employability Skills; students’ perceptions of what works
Khechara, Martin – University of Wolverhampton; Smith, Sara – University of Wolverhampton; Laverty, Jacqueline – University of Wolverhampton, Oxford Brookes University


Science Education
Session Type: Innovation Session

0461 – The use of the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) surveys as a tool to promote effective outdoor learning in science
Kerr, Karen – Queen’s University Belfast; McCarron, Gretta – Queen’s University Belfast


Session Type: Symposia

0503 – Gender, Sexuality and Young People: After No Outsiders
Phillips, Michael – University of St Mark and St John; Slater, Jenny – Sheffield Hallam University; Formby, Eleanor – Sheffield Hallam University; Sapin, Kate – The University of Manchester; Lee, Amelia – LGBT Youth North West; Williams, Rachel – LGBT Youth North West 


Social Justice
Session Type: Individual Papers

Achieving Social Justice In Education
Chair: Todd, Liz – Newcastle University

0311 – Unequal access to Out of School Activities and the education gap
Todd, Liz – Newcastle University; Laing, Karen – Newcastle University; Tanner, Emily – NatCen; Chanfreau, Jenny – NatCen; Challanan, Meg – NatCen; Skipp, Amy – NatCen

0386 – Learner agency and social justice in urban primary schools
Hempel-Jorgensen, Amelia – The Open University

0383 – Examining restorative practice in Aotearoa, New Zealand, through a community of practice lens
Wearmouth, Janice – University of Bedfordshire; Berryman, Mere –  University of Waikato


Social Justice
Session Type: Individual Papers

Investigating Educational Inequity
Chair: Pennacchia, Jodie – The University of Nottingham

*0516 – Academy schools: Perpetuating and contesting the dominant policy narrative
Pennacchia, Jodie – The University of Nottingham

*0446 – Who attends English Free Schools?
Morris, Rebecca – University of Birmingham

*0395 – Educational inequity: Developing shared understandings for educational change
Chestnutt, Hannah – University of Glasgow


Teacher Education and Development
Session Type: Individual Papers

Teacher learning
Chair: McLoughlin, Eilish – Dublin City University

0063 – Poetry teaching in Malta: The interplay between teachers’ beliefs and practices
Xerri, Daniel – University of Malta; Agius, Stephanie Xerri – University of Malta

0553 – Strategies for the assessment of inquiry learning in science at secondary level
McLoughlin, Eilish – Dublin City University; Finlayson, Odilla – Dublin City University; McCabe, Deirdre – Dublin City University

0254 – The impact of a professional development workshop programme on the quality of classroom dialogue supported by interactive technology
Hennessy, Sara – University of Cambridge; Dragovic, Tatjana – University of Cambridge; Warwick, Paul – University of Cambridge; Sinha, Pallavi – University of Cambridge


Teacher Education and Development
Session Type: Symposia

Convenor: Ian Thompson
Discussant: Geoff Whitty

0209 – Perspectives on Poverty and Teacher Education
Thompson, Ian – University of Oxford; Whitty, Geoff – Bath Spa University; White, ML – University of East London; Murray, Jean – University of East London; Nuttall, Amanda – Leeds Trinity University; Beckett, Lori – Leeds Beckett University; Ellis, Sue – University of Strathclyde; Thomson, Jane – University of Strathclyde; Burn, Katharine – University of Oxford; Firth, Roger – University of Oxford; Ingram, Jenni – University of Oxford; McNicholl, Jane – University of Oxford; Mutton, Trevor – University of Oxford; Finn, Bev – Bramley St. Peter’s (VA) Primary School


Teacher Education and Development
Session Type: Individual Papers

Developing teacher education
Chair: Smala, Simone – The University of Queensland

*0393 – Teacher trainer change through engagement with an innovative pre-service English teacher curriculum in Chile
Aliaga-Salas, Loreto – University of Leeds

0369 – Pre-service teachers becoming experts – how online cross-cultural exchanges can bridge policy and practice in literacy learning
Smala, Simone – The University of Queensland