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Neurodivergent Researchers Network

The BERA Neurodivergent Researchers Network is a new initiative launched by the British Educational Research Association (BERA).

The network is intended to provide a platform for neurodivergent researchers to come together, collaborate, offer mutual support, and share experiences.

The network recognises the unique perspectives and talents that neurodivergent individuals bring to the field of research. Whether you’re a neurodivergent researcher yourself or an ally seeking to engage with and learn from this community, the network offers a welcoming space for all.

The network plans to offer:

Mutual Support: Engage in discussions and share experiences related to navigating academia as a neurodivergent individual. Exchange insights, strategies, and advice on topics such as employment, workplace support, and accessing accommodations.

Networking Events: Participate in networking events designed to facilitate meaningful connections and knowledge-sharing among members.

Resource Sharing: Access resources, tools, and information tailored to the needs and interests of neurodivergent researchers, including tips for presenting research, managing workload, and advocating for inclusive practices.

Advocacy and Awareness: Join efforts to promote greater understanding, acceptance, and support for neurodiversity within the research community and beyond.

Collaborate: Connect with fellow neurodivergent researchers across diverse fields and disciplines to explore potential collaborations and interdisciplinary projects.

Topics we are interested in exploring include:

  •  Presenting your research: conferences, publications and more
  • Employment as a neurodivergent researcher, navigating job interviews, workplace strategies, ways to support neurodivergent colleagues
  • Ethics and research questions: How can neurodiversity be supported and represented in research? How can researchers ensure that the voice of neurodivergent participants is heard?

If you are a BERA member you can click above to join the network.

Twitter: @BeraNDNetwork

Network Leads

Profile picture of Adam Hart
Adam Hart, Dr

Lecturer in Music Technology at University of Salford

Dr Adam Hart is a lecturer in music technology at the University of Salford. He has a background in secondary education and audio programming, and his research interests involve digital technology, musical communication and creative pedagogy, and...

Profile picture of Simon Preston
Simon Preston, Mr

EdD Researcher at Oxford Brookes University

As a dedicated and experienced educational leader, Simon is deeply committed to neurodiversity inclusion and enhancing the educational experiences of all students and educators. With over two decades of experience in teaching, educational...