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Framing research: Theories, concepts and reflexivity in educational research

The BERA Early Career Researcher Network planned a series of events throughout 2020 on the theme, ‘Framing research: Theories, concepts and reflexivity in educational research’, with the intention of providing researchers with opportunities to share and discuss work that draws upon concepts and ideas from diverse disciplines, theoretical frameworks and ideological positions, and to share their research stories.

This BERA Blog series aims to extend these opportunities to a wider readership, and develop our understanding of how theoretical and conceptual framings are enacted in real-world research contexts. While the Covid-19 crisis meant that most of these planned events were postponed, in this collection the delegates at one symposium that did go ahead – in Sheffield on 14 February 2020 – share and discuss their creative and interdisciplinary approaches to educational research, and reflect on the insights and experiences they gained during the symposium. Their diverse interests are united by a common concern for methodologies that foreground respectful, collaborative and ethical research relationships.


Profile picture of Louise Kay
Louise Kay, Dr

Lecturer at University of Sheffield

Louise Kay is a lecturer in early childhood in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield. She is a qualified teacher and has worked across all three primary key stages, with the majority of her career spent teaching in the early...

Profile picture of Liz Chesworth
Liz Chesworth, Dr

Senior Lecturer in early childhood education at University of Sheffield

Liz Chesworth is a Senior Lecturer in early childhood education at the University of Sheffield. Liz’s research focuses upon contemporary play cultures and dynamic approaches to curriculum in early childhood. In recent years she has led two...

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