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BERA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Statement

While generative AI has the potential to transform aspects of academic life and will be increasingly commonplace, it cannot be considered capable of producing an original piece of research or submission without input from human authors. Generative AI cannot also be held accountable for any errors and, in accordance with COPE guidelines, cannot therefore be listed an author.


BERA expects researchers to always act ethically and with academic integrity. AI must not be used to artificially create or modify core research data. If an individual has used generative AI to create a submission for BERA, this must be acknowledged upon submission. The named researcher is fully responsible for the accuracy of any information and correctly referencing any citations. They must take care to ensure that application of AI-based tools does not lead them to plagiarize, misrepresent or falsify content, or infringe third party rights.


In addition, entering a confidential manuscript or document into an AI programme is a breach of privacy and not admissible. As such, no form of peer review or judging can be executed via an AI tool. Having said that, AI tools could be used in the final preparation of referee reports although this must be acknowledged including specifying what purpose (e.g. to improve language style). Should we identify any undisclosed use of generative AI tools for content generation, BERA reserves the right to take action under the Code of Conduct.