BERA is a member-led charity that exists to encourage educational research and its application for the improvement of practice and the public benefit

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Promoting educational research

We believe that the development of a world-class education system depends on high quality educational research but this is field where policy decisions are often driven by ideology rather than robust evidence.

BERA draws on the findings of the best independent and critical studies to evaluate current polices and practices, to generate fresh thinking and to bring a humanising influence to bear on proposals for reform.

Researchers' resources

BERA produces a range of publications and other materials aimed at supporting the work of all those who are active in the field of educational research.

This includes our four highly regarded peer-reviewed journals, our influential ethical guidelines and charter for research staff, a series of research methods text books for those beginning their research careers, and a range of topic-specific web-only documents.

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Bera News

  • Academic flight: how to encourage black and minority ethnic academics to stay in UK higher education

    New research commissioned by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) into the push and pull factors causing black and minority ethnic (BME) academics to consider leaving the UK and what the UK higher education (HE) sector can do to entice them back has been published. Led by BERA Council member Kalwant... Read More
  • ESRC Committee Vacancies

    The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is currently seeking to appoint new members to its Committees. Further details, including vacancy specifications and application forms are currently available on the ESRC website at: Applications, with a CV (no... Read More
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