New Editors wanted for BERJ

BERA is looking for a new team of editors to take on the editorship of the British Educational Research Journal (BERJ). Following a highly successful term, the current team are coming to the end of the period in office.

BERJ is BERA’s flagship Journal, having been published for as long as BERA has existed. It is an international peer reviewed journal publishing papers of interest to researchers in education, practitioners and policy-makers and is a major focal point for the publication of educational research from across the globe. The Journal is interdisciplinary in approach, publishing quantitative and qualitative research of interest to a broad range of readers, including reports of case studies, experiments and surveys, discussions of conceptual and methodological issues, policy analysis etc. It is currently published by Wiley-Blackwell.

BERA is looking for a new team of Editors to take on the Journal no later than 1st January 2018 for a four-year term (renewable by two years by mutual agreement) but ideally agreeing an earlier transition in partnership with the current team. Full details of the expectations of and opportunities offered to editors can be found in the full call. This is a great opportunity for a new team of editors to take on one of the most highly regarded educational research journals. Editing a BERA Journal brings funding to support editors in their work – including support to attend UK and international conferences.

A message from the current Editors:

“We’ve really enjoyed editing BERJ – BERA’s flagship research journal. It is a wonderful opportunity to make a contribution to the field, and representing the Journal both here and abroad is an honour. You get a wonderful sense of what’s going on in the field – not only in the UK but internationally as over half the papers we receive come from outside the UK. You also get real insights into the challenges of publishing – for example, in terms of peer-reviewing and new arrangements concerning open access. In addressing these challenges, we have benefited from strong support from the BERA office. In short, it has been a real privilege to be editors of BERJ and we feel sure the journal will grow from strength to strength.”

All BERA Editors have responsibility for the content and editorial direction of their Journal. They work closely with an editorial board, a panel of reviewers, and an enthusiastic and effective team at our publishers Wiley who also provide dedicated editorial support. Becoming an Editor of a BERA journal gives you an opportunity to play a key role in the shaping of educational research.  

Partnership with Wiley, the leading society publisher, means that research published in the BERA journals is available in thousands of libraries around the world. The journals are hosted on one of the most innovative and heavily used sites in all global publishing and are present at the key education conferences globally.  Together with Wiley and BERA, as Editor you have a hand in creating a positive experience for our authors, readers, librarians and others who interact with educational research.  

Full details of the expectations, opportunities and process for applying can be downloaded from this page. Also here are the Terms of Reference agreed by BERA Council which apply to all BERA Journals. 

If you are interested in submitting a proposal and would like to discuss the matter further prior to submission then please contact Nick Johnson. The deadline for submissions is 12pm on Friday 12th May 2017