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Researching your own institution: Higher Education

Professor Paul Trowler

To cite this reference: Trowler, P. (2011) Researching your own institution, British Educational Research Association on-line resource. Available on-line at [INSERT WEB PAGE ADDRESS HERE] Last accessed [insert date here]

This resource is aimed at those who are considering researching the higher education institution (HEI) in which they are employed or enrolled. It highlights and offers guidance on the issues which are specific to researching HEIs (as a particular type of organization) as an ‘insider’. This kind of ‘insider research’ is sometimes referred to as ‘endogenous research’.
The resource highlights some of the key issues raised in conducting research into one’s own HEI and the following are discussed: the characteristics of this kind of research and its growth; its strengths and weaknesses; conceptualising the nature of HEIs; ethical issues; and issues about value and robustness. The resource concludes by offering a series of questions for reflection.