• BERA Research Commissions 2018/2020

    2 August 2018

    BERA will be awarding funding for up to three commissions which will run between 2018-2020.  Two will address clear themes as identified by BERA Council (outlined below) and the third will be reserved for a team comprised predominantly of early career researchers (ECR). The overall aim of the Research Commissions is to identify and address […]

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  • Close-to-practice research project

    6 November 2017

    BERA has identified close-to-practice research as an area of interest for the Association, and many BERA members are also committed to such work in the context of teacher education and professional development. ‘Close-to-practice research’ refers to educational research that is based on problems in practice, often involves researchers working in partnership with practitioners, may address […]

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  • BERA Blog Special Issues: Scotland – Reform, Professionalism and Delivery

    4 July 2017

      We are delighted that Graham Donaldson has guest edited this collection of blogs looking in particular at the current education agenda in Scotland. As Graham says in his overview contribution, “pressures to ‘deliver’ for the here and now tend to trump longer-term development” and this can have a profound impact on the structures, ethos […]

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  • BERA- TACTYC Early Childhood Research Review 2003-2017

    25 May 2017

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the BERA/TACTYC Review of Early Childhood Education and Care in the UK, 2003-2017. This  review has involved a wide range of early childhood specialists, both in the early consultation stages, and in writing the five main sections of the Review. Teams of authors and their reference groups […]

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  • BERA President’s Roundtables 2015-17: Methodological challenges in education(al) research

    9 September 2015

    BERA is starting a series of presidential round table seminars that will draw on processes of agenda- setting, horizon-scanning, evidence review and user engagement to explore key methodological challenges facing the education research community in areas of substantive enquiry.  Each event will focus on a different methodological challenge, exploring current dilemmas that arise in the method’s […]

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  • BERA Research Commissions

    3 August 2015

    BERA’s Research Commissions represented a new departure for the organisation. The aim of the Research Commissions was to identify and address issues that are of current importance for the study and practice of education. Each Research Commission shows how research can respond to the challenges and opportunities created by the changing nature of education, across […]

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