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Rita Elaine Silver, Professor

Associate Professor in English Language and Literature at Nanyang Technological University

Rita Elaine Silver is an Associate Professor in English Language and Literature and Associate Dean for Research Design & Integrity (Office of Education Research), National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her research interests are in classroom language learning, classroom pedagogy, classroom discourse and in open science and research ethics for applied linguistics.

She is editor of Language and Education and was previously a Co-editor of Pedagogies: An International Journal. She is on the editorial board for Language Policy, Educational Linguistics, and Journal of Immersion and Content-based Language Education as well as being on the editorial review board for TESL EJ and TESOL Journal. She has published in numerous scholarly journals including International Journal of Multilingualism, AERA Open, International Journal of Science Education, Journal of Teacher Education, International Journal of Sociology of Language, Language Policy, Cambridge Journal of Education, and Journal of Educational Change. Her most recent book is The Role of Language in Content Pedagogy: A Framework for Teachers’ Knowledge (Seah, Silver & Baildon, in press).

Rita Elaine Silver's contributions