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Nuala Burgess, Dr

ESRC funded Postdoc Fellow at King's College London

Dr Nuala Burgess is an ESRC-funded postdoctoral research fellow at King’s College, London. Dr Burgess’ primary research focus is the impact of selective practices on the learning experiences and destinations of moderately attaining students in school sixth forms. She is currently interested in finding ways to improve the quality of advice and guidance for students applying to non-Russell Group universities and alternatives to university.

Dr Burgess has become increasingly interested in the lack of comprehensive careers advice in school sixth forms and how this impacts on the quality of support given to students applying to non-Russell Group universities and alternatives to university.

While studying for her doctorate, Dr Burgess was awarded an ESRC-funded internship with Comprehensive Future, a group which campaigns to end the 11-plus and for fairer school admission. Her research into the educational outcomes of selective and non-selective education in two English counties was published as A Tale of Two Counties (Comprehensive Future and King’s College London, 2016).

Dr Burgess continues to campaign for comprehensive education and was elected Chair of Comprehensive Future in November 2018.

Before studying for her doctorate, Dr Burgess taught English at secondary level. Before teaching, she had a variety of jobs, including a significant period managing a community theatre project working with disadvantaged young people.

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