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Matt Homer

University of Leeds

Dr Matt Homer is associate professor at the Centre for Curriculum, Pedagogy and Policy at the School of Education, University of Leeds.

Matt taught mathematics and statistics in further and higher education before joining the University of Leeds as a researcher in 2002. His academic research interests include aspects of science and mathematics education curriculum reform, and medical education assessment. Over the years, he has worked on a number of mixed-methods projects where, as a statistician, his speciality has been analysis of the national pupil database. Most recently, he has been principal investigator on the large-scale, longitudinal core maths project (2017–2020) funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Some of Matt’s time is spent in the Leeds Institute of Medical Education within the School of Medicine, carrying out assessment-related research, and he holds three external assessment-related advisory positions with the General Medical Council.

Matt has a PhD in mathematics, an MSc in applied statistics, and is a chartered statistician.

Matt Homer's contributions