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Marie Huxtable, Dr

Visiting Research Fellow at University of Cumbria

Marie Huxtable practiced as an Educational Psychologist in English Local Authorities. For the final 15 years of her career she developed and implemented an inclusive educational policy to improve educational experiences for school children and educators. This included learning to develop aspirations and the confidence and competences to realise them and contribute to, and benefit from, their own learning and other peoples. She researched her practice as her doctoral research and in 2012 successful submitted her thesis, ‘How do I Evolve Living-Educational-Theory Praxis in Living-boundaries?’

Marie continues to support and spread knowledge, understanding and practice of Living Educational Theory Research in various local, national and international contexts. She is currently a visiting research fellow with the University of Cumbria, Leading Editor of the Educational Journal of Living Theories and involved with a number of international research groups.

Marie Huxtable's contributions

Action Research – Research into Action

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