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Mariam Makramalla, Dr

Assistant Professor at NewGiza University

Mariam Makramalla is an educational consultant and scholar whose work is mostly concerned with socio-cultural and socio-political questions of educational transfer across contextual boundaries. As a Cambridge Partnership consultant, she has been engaged in the post-reform activity at the Ministry of Education in Qatar and is currently consulting the Ministry of Education in the UAE on matters of educational reform. As a consultant, she is promoting buy-in from pre-reform stakeholders so that the transition can happen from within. As a researcher, she has been heavily engaged with the post-curricular reform educational context of Egypt, trying to unpack ways in which practitioners relate to the mindset shift that is underpinning a given curricular reform setup. While most of her scholarly contributions have mainly targeted the K-12 sector, as a practitioner she has also recently been engaged with cross-cultural curricular transfer in the higher education sector.

Mariam Makramalla's contributions