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Kubra Alhawamdeh, Mrs

Postgraduate researcher at University of Leeds

Kubra Alhawamdeh is a postgraduate researcher in the Faculty of Education at the University of Leeds, focusing on Early Childhood Education. With a BA from Dumlupınar University and an MA from the University of Sheffield, her research delves into the Funds of Knowledge approach, exploring its impact on curriculum development and teacher practices in the Yorkshire region. Kubra is dedicated to enhancing early childhood education through cultural diversity and inclusivity, employing qualitative methods to investigate teachers' integration of children's diverse experiences and knowledge into learning environments.

Kubra Alhawamdeh's contributions

The ECR Journey: At Crossroads of Becoming

5 Jun 2024 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

On this 2nd ECR Annual Conference we continue to celebrate the ECR journeys and welcome educational researchers and practitioners to join us in Leeds.  This year’s conference is anchored on the...

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