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Kevin Moffat, Professor

Director of Outreach at University of Warwick

Kevin Moffat is currently a director of outreach and a fellow of the Warwick Institute of Engagement at the University of Warwick. He has over 30 years of academic research experience in dementia, neuroscience and genetics in both the UK and Australia. Kevin’s higher education teaching interests are at the interface of an educational divide – training scientists to do science, yet the need to be creative and to have empathy with those who, in turn, wish to listen, question and influence science. As a module lead on a large science communication course, he has brought storytellers, actors, publishers, political activists and media experts together. Kevin has coupled this with the opportunities for students to voice their own assessment opportunities.

Kevin has worked with theatre groups, radio, television, schools, and a variety of publics. He is also a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an editor for the sixth-form magazine Biological Sciences Review.

Kevin Moffat's contributions