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Keisha Stewart, Ms

Educator/Post Graduate Researcher at Edge Hill University

Keisha Ann Stewart is a PhD researcher and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Edge Hill University. With over two decades of experience teaching English both locally and internationally, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her research projects. Keisha Ann is committed to nurturing pupils’ literacy skills through engagement with literature, a focus that has inspired her to delve into the experiences of Black Caribbean male pupils within the GCSE English curriculum.
Keisha Ann’s research employs a participatory interpretive narrative approach which enables the stories and voices of the research participants to shape the inquiry. Framed within Critical Race Theory (CRT), her study critically examines the intersectionality of race, gender and class within the educational landscape. By utilising the CRT lens, Keisha Ann aims to unveil the nuanced ways in which structural inequalities manifest within the English curriculum to influence the experiences of Black Caribbean male pupils.

Keisha Stewart's contributions

The ECR Journey: At Crossroads of Becoming

5 Jun 2024 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

On this 2nd ECR Annual Conference we continue to celebrate the ECR journeys and welcome educational researchers and practitioners to join us in Leeds.  This year’s conference is anchored on the...

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