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Jennifer Kitchen, Dr

Centre for Education Studies at University of Warwick

I am a theatre education practitioner and scholar, interested in the intersections between active Shakespeare education; the function of playfulness in collaborative and arts-based teaching; and social justice within education and culture. I am currently an Early Career Fellow with The Institute of Advanced Studies and Centre for Education Studies at The University of Warwick, where I completed my Ph.D. in 2018. My doctoral research asked how socio-cultural theories of play can be used to explore theatre-based approaches to teaching Shakespeare. To answer this, ethnographic field research was carried out with the UK educational charity Shakespeare Schools Foundation. My analysis of this data drew on social theories of space and identity to conceive of ensemble theatre education as creating socially hopeful ‘third spaces’ via playful classroom discourse.

I also teach in Higher Education and a variety of school and community contexts. Prior to beginning my doctorate I was a theatre education practitioner for several years, including a year’s residence with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and I continue to practice on a freelance basis in areas relating to Shakespeare, storytelling and early years’ theatre education.

 In my future work I hope to more deeply explore the relationship between equitable educational spaces; playfulness; and critical approaches to Shakespeare and similar canonical texts. I am particularly interested in developing interdisciplinary partnerships to explore new methodological approaches to these research areas.

Jennifer Kitchen's contributions

Early Career Researcher Network Event Funding Scheme

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