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Harriet Lowes-Belk, Ms

EdD student at University of Sheffield

Harriet Lowes-Belk is an EdD student at the University of Sheffield with a wide-ranging interest in teachers’ attitudes and beliefs, largely focusing on their professional selves, their roles and their pupils. Her current research is considering how these identities are shaped by the system and the journey that teachers’ attitudes and beliefs go on as they move from periphery participation and experiences to being immersed in the various mechanisms of the education system. Part of this is thinking about how we can define this ‘system’ by taking into consideration all its moving parts: ITT, schools, policy, and accountability systems that influence them all.
Harriet was a geography teacher for eight years before moving to Ambition Institute in 2022 to work in their Learning Design team.

Harriet Lowes-Belk's contributions