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Dimitris Parapadakis, Mr

Artificial Intelligence Architect at N/A

Dimitris has 30+ years developing software, 20+ years of experience teaching and assessing university modules at all levels in software development, artificial intelligence, computer security and education skills and 15+ years of university leadership and management roles in Learning, Teaching and Quality, serving in senior university strategic roles and committees with responsibility for quality assurance and enhancement, governance, and portfolio management and development.

Dimitris has led a series of research projects with an emphasis on industry-funded applied research in artificial intelligence and cyber-security and has a long interest in studying the brain and modelling it in artificial intelligence algorithms, especially learning behaviour from multiple, biased, sources.

Dimitris Parapadakis's contributions

Artificial and Human Intelligence

Over the last 30 years, the academic study of intelligence has been in a process of decline, but recently this has changed dramatically. The main catalyst for this change has been the growth of...

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