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Claire Ellis, Mrs

Neurodiversity Support Manager at Ministry of Justice

Claire Ellis started working in education in 2014 in London before moving to Manchester where she spent five years teaching English across KS3, KS4 and KS5. In that role, her interests were centred around Curriculum Decolonisation and Critical Language Pedagogy. These interests led her to becoming a member of the Critical Language Awareness Group. This group was invaluable as a platform for those in education who wished to share best practice and current thinking within English Language and Literature teaching.

Claire has since relocated back to Greater London where she briefly continued working as a teacher of English before taking a position at the Ministry of Justice as a Neurodiversity Support Manager. This role focuses on developing a whole prison approach to supporting neurodiverse individuals to engage in and access rehabilitative programmes centred around skills, education, and work.

Claire Ellis's contributions

BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant

The BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant is intended to support research led by schools and colleges with a focus on curriculum inquiry and investigation. The grant, awarded biennially, is worth up...