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Cate Neal

Project Manager (LHERI) at University of Lincoln

Cate Neal is a Project Manager based in the Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute.

Cate is the overall Project Manager for the OfS funded project Transitioning Students Effectively: A Student Led Approach to Mental Health. In May 2019, The University of Lincoln was awarded funding totalling £736,000 from the Office for Students for a transitional student mental health support project. Focussing on the mental health needs of students as they move from school or college into higher education, the university is working in partnership with other FE and HE institutions, support services and student representatives to form a cross-disciplinary team. The project seeks to enhance existing face-to-face support and peer support mechanisms, and to develop a range of digital tools, platforms and content, which will be integrated into the school outreach programme and embedded in the curriculum. Mindfulness-based strengths practice within the curriculum, an increased emphasis on well-being in schools outreach and an expansion of pre-arrival on-campus events are also key elements of the project.

Subject Specialisms
Cate specialises in team building, multi-disciplinary research and impact evaluation as well as engaging stakeholders across different HEIs and the public and private sectors.

Cate Neal's contributions