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Children, young people, school leaders and teachers have experienced multiple and multi-dimensional transitions during the Codid-19 pandemic. This event will allow researchers to present their emerging research findings.

We conceptualise transitions to be on-going, synchronous and multidimensional. Transitions for individuals also result in transitions for their families, other people and institutions (Jindal-Snape, 2012). We understand transitions to be the adaptation to change, rather than the change itself.

This event will allow delegates to understand the ways in which Covid-19 has resulted in different transitions for individuals and the impact of these transitions on their mental health and wellbeing. Considering the factors which act as a buffer to negative transitions which protect individuals from mental ill health, and the implications for future research, policy and practice which arise from the research findings.


Josie Maitland, Dr

University of Brighton

Dr Josie Maitland is an ESRC-funded postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Brighton. She is a qualified teacher with eight years’ teaching experience, both in mainstream and special school settings. Josie’s PhD research explored...

Divya Jindal-Snape, Professor

Professor of Education, School of Education and Social Work at University of Dundee

Professor Divya Jindal-Snape is Personal Chair of Education, Inclusion and Life Transitions in the School of Education and Social Work, at the University of Dundee. She gained her undergraduate and masters qualifications in India. She taught in...

Cate Neal

Project Manager (LHERI) at University of Lincoln

Cate Neal is a Project Manager based in the Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute. Cate is the overall Project Manager for the OfS funded project Transitioning Students Effectively: A Student Led Approach to Mental Health. In May 2019,...

Sveta Mayer, Dr

UCL Institute of Education

Dr Sveta Mayer works at UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and is a member of the Bloomsbury Colleges Centre for Educational Neuroscience. Sveta is involved in interdisciplinary research projects focussing on drawing upon cognitive neuroscience to...


Jonathan Glazzard, Professor

Professor of Inclusive Education at Leeds Beckett University

Jonathan Glazzard is Professor of Inclusive Education at Leeds Beckett University. He is Director for the Centre for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education and he researches mental health, disability and early reading development in children and young...

Suzanne Culshaw, Dr

University of Hertfordshire

Dr Suzanne Culshaw is a part-time Research Fellow in the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire, where she held a PhD scholarship. Her doctoral research explored what it means to be struggling as a teacher; Suzanne’s conceptualisation...

Michelle Jayman, Dr

Researcher/Lecturer at University of West London

Michelle Jayman is a lecturer and researcher for the School of Human and Social Sciences at the University of West London, UK. She is a Convenor for the BERA Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education Special Interest Group and a Champion for the...

Anthea Rose
Anthea Rose, Dr

Research Fellow at University of Lincoln

Dr Anthea Rose is an experienced cross-discipline education and social science researcher with a specific interest in mental health, gender and social justice. Her work is framed within education and social policy and she is particularly...