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Boryana Peevska-Cutting, Dr

Pearson College London

Dr Boryana Peevska-Cutting is deputy vice-principal (Academic Affairs) at Pearson College London, with college-wide responsibility for quality assurance, academic policy, regulator liaison, governance, access and participation. Boryana is chair of the Pearson College Research, Scholarship and Innovation Committee. She has dedicated her professional career to tertiary education, believing in the power of education to positively change lives and enable people to achieve their potential. In her role, she is committed to promoting an organisational culture of excellence which seeks to continuously enhance educational quality and opportunity. She holds a doctorate from King’s College, London, specialising in higher education policy. For her Master’s degree, Boryana specialised in renaissance drama. Boryana has lived and worked in several European countries and speaks five languages. She is co-chair of the Quality Manager’s Network at Independent HE, a Quality Assurance Agency Reviewer, and a member of the Bulgarian Union of Journalists.

Boryana Peevska-Cutting's contributions