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Anne-Laure Donskoy

PhD student at University of Bristol

Anne-Laure Donskoy is a citizen researcher activist in medico-social sciences and sociology. Involved in the psychiatric survivors’ movement since the early 1990s, she came to health and care research through her experience as a mental health patient, and now as an autistic woman. Her interests focus on ethics and research ethics, the psychological and political aspects of health and care research, the genuine and active involvement of people in this incredible endeavour, and on diversity and inclusion. She has participated in research as a subject, as a collaborator and as a co-researcher, and has coordinated a team of patient-researchers. She has been involved with various health and care research organisations, bringing the patient’s perspective to research activities. She has published and co-published on patient and public involvement in research in English and in French. Today she is also a part-time PhD student in Gender and Politics at the University of Bristol with a project based on her political experience of Brexit, specifically the political activation of women in that story.

Anne-Laure Donskoy's contributions