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Amelie Thompson, Ms

Assistant Director of Education - SEND and Special Provision at Learning Trust

Amelie Thompson has worked in education since 2002, including 11 years as a senior leader across mainstream primary schools. She is currently a headteacher working across a group of primary schools, regional lead with Whole School SEND for Southeast South London and lead author of the Teacher Handbook: SEND. Amelie has a keen interest in how we, as leaders, build systems and create environments that enable ‘every teacher to be a teacher of SEND’ – driven by leadership that builds inclusivity into all aspects of school practice. As a school leader, she challenges herself to consistently reflect on the operational implications and implementation of this strategic vision and is strongly committed to cross-phase and cross-sector collaboration to achieve this.

Amelie Thompson's contributions

Spotlight on SEND: Curriculum Design and Practice

This British Curriculum Forum (BCF) event brought together teachers, practitioners, researchers, leaders, managers, and academics to share their critical perspectives and assumptions about...

Video24 Mar 2022