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Matt Burns, Mr

Principal at N/A

Matt is the principal of a special school with residential care in Wales. He has worked in special education in various roles for over 20 years and has been a headteacher for over 15 years. Before his move to special education, he worked as a secondary teacher and spent a period of time working in New Zealand/Aotearoa. Additional to his work as a headteacher, Matt enjoys the opportunity to visit and learn from other schools as a peer and additional inspector with Estyn. In his role with the charity, Action for Children, he is part of a team of directors in Wales which focus on supporting the needs of vulnerable children in Wales. Matt continues to teach every week and enjoys coaching rugby and cycling in his local community with his sons. He is interested in wellbeing in schools, and is currently undertaking doctoral research in this field at Cardiff University.

Matt Burns's contributions

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