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Tony Rice

Radio presenter and producer at Verulam Sport

Tony Rice is a radio presenter and producer for Verulam Sport in London. He has been privileged to interview three World Cup winners, Olympic Gold medallists and other high-performing athletes. Through these interviews with successful sports stars he has gained insight into the important role of self-discipline and motivation in the pursuit of goals and personal/professional success; not only in sports but in education and life. Prior to working in the private sector, Tony worked as a learning support tutor for Learn Direct at the very start of its pioneering online learning national initiative. Here he gained first-hand experience of applying learning frameworks that privilege self-determination and self-directed online adult education, supporting adults from all backgrounds and levels to achieve their City & Guilds (GCSE grades A–C equivalent) in adult literacy. Tony holds a BA in philosophy and English literature from Warwick University and an MA in continental philosophy from Warwick University. Tony won the silver award for Best Sports Show in the 2019 Community Radio Awards. He remains an avid student of philosophy and brings this passion into his interviewing of sports stars on a daily basis, focusing explorations on self-discipline, self-determination and attitudes towards personal/professional success.

Tony Rice's contributions