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Represent BERA at AERA 2016

Each year we offer BERA members the opportunity to represent BERA at an international association.

We are currently accepting symposia for the AERA conference to be held on Friday, April 8 – Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in Washington, DC.

The main purpose of the BERA sessions at international conferences is to showcase examples of the best of recent British educational research and/or scholarly work in education. The sessions also allow the presenters to establish and build international linkages to support their ongoing research programmes.

As one aim of this programme is to promote international links, those selected by BERA will be expected to undertake some promotional work for BERA whilst at the conference. This might involve placing flyers or other printed material at key points, undertaking a slot at a stand to publicise BERA membership or attending some other events on our behalf. This would be discussed on an individual basis at the time of selection. You will also need to write a report for publication in Research Intelligence on the conference. If the symposia was not presented at the 2015 conference, you will need to present the symposia at the 2016 conference. Your attendance and travel will not be subsidised for the BERA conference.

Those taking part in the symposia are entitled to register for the respective conference at the member level for that particular event. In addition, BERA makes a contribution of up to £2,500, to each team of presenters for each conference. This is payable upon receipt of invoices or receipts and can cover a combination of travel, accommodation or registration.

Symposia will be judged by a BERA Committee on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of research question(s) and/or focus of enquiry;
  • Appropriateness of research method(s) and/or literature;
  • Robustness of analytical and/or theoretical framework;
  • Significance for educational practice, policy or theory;
  • Topicality or relevance to any themes of the respective international conference;
  • Potential to showcase the best of British research to an international audience;
  • Potential for further international collaboration

Submitting a symposia:

Proposals should contain the following information:

> Title – The symposium title
> Abstract – An abstract of no more than 120 words. Abstracts will be made publicly available online or in print.
> Session Summary – A Session summary of no more than 500 words that addresses the following:

  • Objectives of the session
  • Overview of the presentation
  • Scholarly or scientific significance
  • Structure of the session

Each paper/presentation in the symposium should have the following:

> Title – Paper title, and the names of the authors of each paper;
> Paper/Presentation Summary – A summary of no more than 500 words that addresses the basic elements of a research or scholarly paper/presentation for each paper or presentation, including:

  • Objectives or purposes
  • Perspective(s) or theoretical framework
  • Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry
  • Data sources, evidence, objects, materials or the equivalent for theoretical or methodological papers/presentations.
  • Results and/or substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments/point of view
  • Scientific or scholarly significance of the study or work

In addition to submitting the above, please confirm the following:

> Duration of Session – Sessions are 90-minute or 120-minute session (note that 120-minute sessions are fewer in number and that not all requests can be met). Note also any other special requests for the symposium.
> AERA Online Paper Repository – Please indicate whether each author is willing to participate in the AERA Online Paper Repository. Participation is voluntary, but the repository is an excellent way of disseminating papers worldwide and well beyond the Annual Meeting.

If you are not a member you can join online at:  

Please send your submissions, or if you have any further queries regarding submissions to Marie Blythe, Events Manager at by 4pm on 21st September 2015.