Research Intelligence

Research Intelligence is BERA’s termly magazine. It carries announcements and news, as well as articles and features on a variety of issues about educational research. Recent themes have included Open Access, Teacher Education and Data Sets. It is free to BERA members and archive issues are available here.

Subscriptions are also available at the following rates for 2017: £60 to all UK based subscribers £70 to all other destinations.

If you wish to advertise in Research Intelligence the rates are as follows: Full Page £750 Half Page £400 Quarter Page £250 For further information please contact the BERA office at

  • SPRING 2018

    Research Intelligence issue 135: Public Engagement and Impact Featuring: Socially critical research at the research/policy interface USVreact: Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence Computing in the Curriculum: Identifying and responding to the challenges The view from SERA in Scotland

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  • AUTUMN 2017

    Research Intelligence Issue 134: Emerging Research Agendas: Conclusions from BERA’s Research Intelligence: Featuring: Poverty and Policy Advocacy Teacher and Medical Education STEAM    

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  • SUMMER 2017

    Research Intelligence Issue 133: Methodological Challenges Delivering and Evaluating Interventions in War-Affected, Low-Income Countries Theories of Change and their application in policy and practice Featuring: Christine Salzer John Jerrim John McMullen Nick Tilley Paul E. Newton Siobhan Mcalister

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  • SPRING 2017

    Research Intelligence Issue 132 – Researching Marginalised Groups

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