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Research opportunity

Expert Panel on Educational Research Funding – Research Assistant 

BERA is looking to engage a Research Assistant to support the work of the expert panel investigating the situation regarding funding for educational research in the UK.


BERA Council has established an expert panel to investigate the situation regarding funding for educational research in the UK.

 The BERA Expert Panel is a continuation of the Education: the state of the discipline initiative where the funding for educational research was identified as a priority area for BERA to develop work in. It is intended to clarify the changing landscape of funding for educational research and to help the Association to understand the research environment and to act to support educational researchers.  


The aims of the expert panel are to examine, and articulate a view on:  

  • the proportion of money invested in educational research relative to UK public expenditure on education. 
  • Trends in the nature and volume of investment in educational research, using data from REF (2014 and 2021) and HESA.  
  • How investment in educational research sits in relation to that across the social sciences more broadly. 
  • To consider and describe implications of the analysis of the above for a range of key stakeholders and interests, such as children, young people, BERA members, citizens, teachers, schools, colleges, universities, research funding bodies of various kinds, and governments.  
  • To consider and suggest ways forward including potential responses of key stakeholders. 

Interim outcomes of the panel’s work will be reported to the BERA annual conference in September 2024. A final report will be presented to the BERA AGM in November 2024, and to BERA Council in 2025.    

Research Assistant role 

We are now looking to engage a Research Assistant to support the work of the panel. They will report to the panel and in particular its chair throughout the project. The exact tasks will evolve with the panel’s work but are likely to include: 

  • Desk-based analysis of existing data 
  • Preparation of reviews of selected literature and/ or background briefing papers for the panel 
  • Notes from evidence sessions or interviews 
  • Drafting of interim and final reports 

It is anticipated that the panel will meet four times, twice online and twice in person, with some correspondence and commentary on materials between meetings.  

This would ideally suit an early career researcher or equivalent to support this project.  

The role will involve attending the four main meetings of the panel (two online and two in person), plus short online meetings with the chair as necessary.  It can largely be done around other commitments. We anticipate the total commitment being between 20-30 days’ work between March and November 2004. 

It will be paid at a rate of c.£200 per day alongside any direct expenses incurred which will be payable in line with our policies. Invoices will be able to be raised for each block of 5 days work. 

To apply, please email your CV (no more than 3 pages) alongside a short statement (c.500 words) outlining your suitability for the role and any relevant experience to with ‘Expert Panel RA’ in the subject line. 

Please ensure that you have applied by 9am on Wednesday 28th February 2024 We hope to be able to be in touch with candidates we wish to consider further by the end of the following week.