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Andrew Clapham appointed as New Chair of RAAC

BERA’s Risk Assessment and Audit Committee (RAAC) holds an invaluable role in ensuring the stability of BERA, providing oversight and advice to Council on the effective function of the Association in relation to risk management, financial processes and other legal requirements. We are pleased to announce that BERA Council unanimously agreed Dr Andrew Clapham is to assume the role of Chair of RAAC from 2022. Andrew Clapham is an Associate Professor and Higher Education Academy Senior Fellow and Director of the Centre for Behavioural Research Methods and has sat on the committee since 2018. We wish to extend a huge thank you to the outgoing chair, Diana Burton, who will continue as Chair for the duration of the handover process. Further information on the committee can be found here. We will shortly be putting out a call for new members for all our committees.